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Jazz on Shakuhachi

Classical on Shakuhachi

Honkyoku (Zen music)




The charm of the shakuhachi is unlimited! Of course you can play Japanese classical music on Shakuhachi, but you can also play jazz, pops, classical music, modern music...etc. Let's enjoy playing your favorite music on Shakuhachi with us!


Shakuhachi and sheet music

We pick up and provide tips on shakuhachi playing and information so on, related to shakuhachi music.

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Iinformation on updates.

Shakuhachi Bottom Pictures

Challenges in playing jazz and classical music on the shakuhachi, and more!

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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We are looking forward to hearing  your inquiries as well as about your shakuhachi experience, questions, and comments!

Shakuhachi Bottom Pictures

Host of the website "Shakuhachi-Garden" posts daily shakuhachi practice sessions on YouTube. Your practice sessions or performance videos are very welcome!!  Let's expand the circle of shakuhachi music by sharing each other's achievements on our YouTube channel "Shakuhachi-Garden" !

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We sell recommended shakuhachi related products.

Buying a Shakuhachi


オリジナル尺八(竹)をお求めの方は、お気軽にご相談ください。 ~お問い合わせフォーム​ ~Contact Us (Form)~

* This webshop is for shipping in Japan only. For orders from outside Japan, please use our another web-shop: Shakuhachi Music Place by Faber Corporation Tokyo.

* If you want to buy the original Shakuhachi (bamboo), please contact us for more information.  ~Contact Us (Form)~

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