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Welcome to

Shakuhachi Garden


Let's share and enjoy the sound of the Shakuhachi together, across all genres! From Koten-Honkyoku 
to Jazz or ENKA!! We aim to create a site for shakuhachi enthusiasts to grow together.

ジャンルを超え、音色をみんなで共有しながら尺八を楽しみましょう! 古典本曲やジャズや演歌まで!! みんなで育てる尺八愛好家のためのサイトを目指しています。


About This Site ♬ このサイトについて

Hello everyone!

 My name is Takafumi Kudo, the manager of this site and an amateur shakuhachi player.

 I started playing the shakuhachi about 30 years ago(now I have  reached my 70th birthday). I started playing the shakuhachi because I wanted to play classical pieces: Koten-Honkyoku , but since the beginning of my study, I have been interested in various genres of music from different countries. I also wanted to share the charm of this instrument with  many people .

 Anew, I started this site with the hope that I could share the charm of the shakuhachi with everyone through not only shakuhachi music, but also jazz, classical music, etc. I would be very happy if you could give me your opinions and suggestions.

 Thank you very much in advance. 

 July 2023



 もともとは古典本曲を吹きたくて尺八を手にしましたが、習い始めた当初から日本の伝統音楽だけではなく、さまざまな国のさまざまなジャンルの音楽を尺八という楽器で楽しむことができれば・・・また、なるべく多くの人にこの楽器の魅力を知ってもらいたい・・・などと思いつつ、これまで仕事の傍ら、イベントの企画や尺八教則DVD の制作などに携わってきました。





To enjoy a wide variety of music

Let's make sure you can play Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do with SHAKUHACHI !

Let's learn how to make sounds with # or♭!

Let's try some keys!


Would you like to start playing shakuhachi?

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