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Moving Previous Blog Posts


The following four blog posts of 2023.7.14 have been moved to TOPICS > Tips for Playing "Do Re Mi" on the Shakuhachi, with some changes in title and content. Please read articles in this section.

  1. Let's make sure you can play Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do with SHAKUHACHI ! 2023.7.14 > 1. Before playing "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si(Ti) Do" on the shakuhachi

  2. Now let's play "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do" in C major! 2023.7.14 > 2. Let's play "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si(Ti) Do" in C major!

  3. Familiarize yourself with sheet music with # or ♭! 2023.7.14 > 3-1. Let's play three diatonic scales of flat system: F major, B-flat major and E-flat major! > 3-2. Let's play two diatonic scales of sharp system: G major and D major!

  4. Let's check the ♯/♭ positions while practicing diatonic scale 2023.7.14 > 4. Get used to the sharps and flats that appear on the staff. About the chromatic scale on Shakuhachi and the Circle of 5th





2023.7.14のブログ記事4件は表題と内容を加筆訂正のうえ TOPICS > 尺八で「ドレミ」を演奏するためのヒントへ移動しました。そちらをご覧ください。 【TOPICSへ移動した記事】 尺八でドレミファソラシドを吹けるようにしておこう! > 1. 尺八で「ドレミファソラシド」を吹く前に確認しておきたいこと ハ長調=C major の「ドレミファソラシド」を吹いてみましょう! > ハ長調 C


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